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Are you interested in pursuing a career in tech? Are you a newcomer? Don't sure where, how, or why to begin? You are in the right place. Resource Gallery provides the tools and resources you need to evolve into a skilled developer.

Everything you need to start in tech

Resource Gallery brings resources of different technologies. It contains best resources and tools to became pro in software development field.

Bring Your Own Resource

Build your own resource hub and contribute to resource gallery. Get credits for the contributions.


Resource Gallery also have a fully responsive blog section with fresh articles by contributors

On-Demand Resource

Need Tailwind Resources? Resource Gallery will bring it live in few days by the power of open source community.

Broad Collection

Resource gallery brings contents related to Web Development, Open-Source, Data Structures and many more.


Resources are divided into like articles, videos or codes.


Resource Gallery is an open source project powered by hundreds of contributors making thousands of individual contributions.

Find Resources related to various technologies

Learn technologies faster

Access resource of any technology or field and learn at your own pace.

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