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Here are some Tips That Will Keep You Motivated When Learning To Code As a Beginner In 2023

AbdulSalaam Noibi

Here are some Tips That Will Keep You Motivated When Learning To Code As a Beginner In 2023 Pick a specialty

1 Get well-organized resources for your niche

2 Learn

3 Build something from what you have learned

4 Network


There is a proverb that says

“if you want to succeed limit yourself”

Firstly, when starting to code you must pick a niche. This makes sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself. it limits your learning and allows you to devote your attention to a particular subject, so you can finally create a starting point.

Software development is very versatile, so you need to start by getting an overview of what programming and software development involves.

After you have gotten a general overview, you should pick a particular area of specialization that excites you.



Congratulation on picking a niche!!!. The next step is to find structured learning resources that have a progressive list and subject alongside some coding exercises for practice.

There are factors you need to consider when choosing a learning resources What languages and technologies are used in this field?

what tools do you need either some software environment or a code editor?(VS-CODE, SUBLIME TEXT, WEBSTORM E.T.C)

what is your learning order, most fields require you to learn one tool/language first before learning another to build your fundamental knowledge? Remember to know the fundamentals before moving forward.


Another saying goes

“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch any”

Good job, you have done it. you have figured out what you need to learn to smash your goals by finding learning resources to use. Now it is time to learn those resources sequentially, not simultaneously.


The first thing to do is to set aside time for your learning. Set a specific time every day during your daily schedule within which you will learn and be selfish about it

Two hours of learning every day is a lot better than 15 hours of learning in one day. It is pertinent to note that consistency is key in a self-taught process.

SET GOALS Also, for effective learning, you have to set weekly goals so you can hold yourself accountable. what do you want to know or be able to do at the end of the month?. How will you structure your learning process per week to be able to achieve this goal?

STAY FOCUSED It is also important that you remember to focus on your outlined learning plan and your chosen learning resources

In the tech-sphere, there is always a shiny new object i.e something new to learn. Please don’t get carried away or overwhelmed, that’s the reason why you need to focus.

One completed tutorial is better than 10 sampled tutorial


“The difference between you and those with talent is practice; a lot of it”

As a beginner in web development, it is easy to get stuck in the tutorial zone, but building projects are mutually exclusive to the learning phase and it makes you become a better developer because by building projects, it makes you practice what you have learned in the tutorial zone

One way to get some practice is, at the end of every module, think of features that you can add to the project that you have coded. Just try to build something with the new knowledge that you have gained in the tutorial.

It doesn’t have to be too fancy. The most important thing is that you have written the code, run into errors, google how to debug it and gain more understanding.

“Practice solidifies knowledge”

so practice. One completed project is better than 10 watched tutorials.


To network simply means to learn in public and put yourself out there

Join a community and attend Meetups A community challenges you and inspires you at the same time. You become aware of people who are in the same field as you are with the same struggle you have

SELL YOURSELF Opportunity no longer comes to the most qualified, it goes to the most visibly qualified

selling yourself means talking about yourself and what you are currently doing. This gives you more experience and could open up a lot of opportunities for you

Set up a git-hub account, learn how to use the git-hub environment, git commands e.t.c and pushes code there for future reference. You can equally start a Twitter account and talk about what you are currently learning or building.

Lastly, remember your consistency and perseverance toward learning will pay off.GOODLUCK!!!

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